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Designer frames available at Carson Optical. Please visit us in person to see our full product line.


There’s more to sunglasses than looking cool!

Did you know?

  • UV exposure may lead to premature macular degeneration.

  • Of the 20 million people with cataracts, an estimated 20% may be due to UV exposure.

  • Every year 3.2 million people go blind from prolonged UV exposure.

Everyone is at risk of vision damage because of harmful UV rays. Polarized lenses completely block UV rays, providing 100% UVA/UVB protection - reducing potential vision damage. And unlike regular sunglasses, they also virtually eliminate glare, allowing you to see more clearly and comfortably outdoors.


Below are some of the prescription sunglasses that we carry. Please visit us in person to see our full product line.


Eyewear the most important and eye catching accessory you will ever own.

  • Frames Must Lift: Frames look best when they lift the check and eye area at the bottom outside corners of the frames upwards. If not it makes your eyewear seem like your facial features are drooping. In other words you do not want a squared off bottom outside corners of the frame.

  • Your eyes should be centered within the frames: Not absolutely dead center just above the center.

  • Follow the lines of your brows: Choose a frame shape that reflects the arch of your brow or sits just below your brow line.

  • Think in three dimensions: You see your eyewear from the front but everyone else sees them from all angles. It's important to pay attention to the temple and inside color detailing. If the color on the inside of the frames and temples are different, the overall look is softer and more interesting.

  • Choose a color that complements your skin tone and eye color: Remember to complement not match. People with bright blue eyes shouldn't wear bright blue frames. Do not confine your choice to neutral colors. Eyewear does not have to match what you are wearing, but rather go with everything because it compliments your face, not your clothes.

  • The right amount of contrast: If the contrast between the color of your skin tone and the frame is to strong, you'll look serve. If it's not strong enough you'll look blah. Generally, choose a color that is a little different to the color of your hair and eyes.



Objects appear in their correct size and position. Contact lenses provide superior peripheral vision.



Unaffected by quick body movements in sports and similar activities. Lenses remain in place while providing clear and stable vision.


Adjusting to the Weather:

  • Won't fog up.

  • Won't get splattered in the rain.

  • Won't steam up at all.


Very comfortable.(For lenses with the latest technology, it feels like wearing nothing at all.)