New technology is changing how we look at (and in) eyeglasses. Thanks to 3-D face-scanning machines, eyewear can now be custom measured within .01 millimeter. But the future of eyewear is moving beyond prescription eyeglasses; the rapid increase in technological advancements fuses technology and eyewear to create innovative products that focus on improving vision and augmenting our reality.

Vision Enhancement

An exciting breakthrough in eyeglasses is the development of wearable artificial vision devices. Currently, there is a segment of the population whose vision cannot be corrected with prescription eyeglasses. Those suffering from low vision often have trouble with everyday tasks, such as recognizing faces, reading or watching television. A wearable artificial vision device works by incorporating cameras into eyewear. In one variation of the device, the camera analyzes what the user is looking at and then “reads” what it is seeing to the user via a small earpiece. In another variation, high-definition cameras project images from a person’s surroundings to the eyewear lenses, magnifying objects and texts.

Smart Glasses and Contact Lenses

Another category of eyewear falls under the “smart” label. These products do not try to improve prescription eyeglasses or are even meant for those with vision impairments. Smart glasses are intended to seamlessly integrate with technology to allow the user to connect to the Internet, record and upload videos or pictures, or view files or directions right on the lens of glasses.

Cyber contact lenses were once relegated to science fiction movies, but there are multiple companies that are currently developing these types of lenses. Some are being developed to augment virtual reality experiences, while others are being developed to record and transmit footage with the blink of an eye. Another iteration of smart contact lenses are fitted with sensors to read chemical levels in tears and determine if blood sugar levels have fallen to fatal levels.

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