Considering that most people have the same glasses frames for many years after buying them, deciding on a pair of new frames can be stressful! After all, there are so many options - pretty much every shape and color you can imagine, and there are glasses frames that match that description.

So how do you ensure that you are picking glasses that are not only functional but that properly reflect your distinct and memorable personality?

First of all, take a deep breath and don’t panic. Picking out your next pair of glasses is supposed to be fun, after all! Secondly, know that there are people to give you advice so you can be sure your glasses look fantastic on you - now and in the future.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your next pair of glasses:

Consider Your Face Shape

To ensure that your glasses look as flattering on you as possible (after all, you’re going to be wearing them for a long time), you must think about your face shape and take that into account when choosing your frames. Coastal has an excellent guide for you to reference for your face shape and gives insight into what frame style would complement it.

For example, consider round and thinner frames if you have a square face (with more sharp angles and where your jaw, cheekbones, and forehead are equally wide). On the other hand, choose frames with bold angular lines if you have a round face (wider cheekbones and an equally broad forehead and jaw). Following this strategy will help you find a frame that brings balance and beauty to your natural face shape.

Think About Your Skin Tone

In the same way that the shape of your face can help you decide which frames would be most flattering, so does your unique and beautiful skin tone! If you have a warm skin tone, that means you have a yellow, bronze, or golden tint to your skin. Gorgeous! But when it comes to glasses frames and knowing which color will look the best on you, avoid pastels, whites, and black frames.

Go instead with brown, gold, olive green, or tortoise shades. If you have a cool skin tone, your skin has blue and pink undertones. You are beautiful! For your glasses, stick with silver, black, dark tortoise, blue, or gray frames rather than colors that could wash you out.

Consider Your Lifestyle

What good is a new pair of fashionable and functional glasses if they aren’t going to last a long time? That’s why you need to ensure that your new frames will work for every part of your life. For example, do you work long hours at the office and often spend most days staring at a computer screen? Then a pair of eyeglasses with tinted lenses may be best for you.

Do you have a toddler that isn’t content unless they pull your glasses off your face and examine them? Consider lenses that are scratch-resistant to withstand even the most curious of children! Do you like spending your leisurely time playing intense sports or participating in high adrenaline activities? Maybe sports eyewear or frames with a wraparound band would be your ideal choice!

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