As if picking the frames for your glasses wasn’t a hard enough decision, you also have to choose what type of lens is best for you. Your vision problem will determine what kind of lens you should get. So, what are your options?

Bifocal lenses: I’m sure you’ve heard of bifocals before, but if you haven’t, they are made up of two lenses to correct both near and far-sighted vision.

Trifocal lenses: Trifocals are similar to bifocals, in the sense that they correct both near and far-sighted vision. Along with that, they also correct presbyopia, which is the inability to focus in the middle distance.

If you’re looking for a lens that is lighter, thinner, and more scratch-resistant than glass or plastic, then you will want to get one of these lenses.

Polycarbonate: These lenses are great for those of you who play sports, work where your glasses could get easily damaged, or have children who are rough on their specs. These lenses are impact-resistant and have built-in UV protection.

Trivex: These lenses are similar to polycarbonate as they are lightweight, thin, and impact-resistant.

High-index plastic: If you are someone who needs a strong prescription and currently have super-thick lenses, consider trying these lenses. They will do the same for you, only, they are lighter and thinner.

Aspheric: These lenses have various degrees of curvature. They can be thinner and flatter, which means you can use a much larger portion of the surface.

Photochromic: Don’t want to wear sunglasses anymore? Then these lenses are for you. Photochromic lenses change from clear to tinted in the sun. However, they may not change in your car if your windshield blocks UV rays.

Polarized sunglasses: These are great for sports and driving because they reduce the glare from surfaces like water.

Other types of lenses include:

  • Progressive lenses

  • Toric lenses

  • Prism lenses

  • Crizal lenses

  • Varilux lenses

  • Transition lenses

  • Computer Workstation lenses

  • Airwear lenses

At Carson Optical, we want to make sure that you love the way you look and see. Our opticians are here for you and are more than happy to go over and explain your options for you, so you can get back to trying on frames. Stop in our office today, call us at 813-681-3863, or visit our website.