Even if you don’t require anything to correct your vision, chances are you know about glasses and contacts. Those with less than perfect vision are well aware of the options and main differences between contacts and glasses. Though both are excellent, well-designed choices for your eyesight, you might be wondering, “which is the best choice for me?”

Both eyeglasses and contact lenses have come along way since their conception. Glasses, whose lenses were formerly made from glass, are now much lighter and much more comfortable to wear, thanks to lenses now being made of high-quality plastic. Contact lenses are also more advanced than ever, with more comfortable lenses that fit perfectly to the shape of your eye while allowing maximum oxygen to the cornea to prevent suffocation. But which is the best for you, your personal needs, and your lifestyle? Let Carson Optical walk you through the differences between the two, with a clear glasses and contacts comparison.


Contacts are a popular choice amongst many who need the help of glasses, without the look or obstruction to their face. But there are many other advantages to contacts that you may not be aware of, including:

  • Ideal for sports and exercise.

  • No need for prescription sunglasses.

  • Wider field of vision.

  • Don’t distort or reflect light.

  • Not prone to water spots or steaming.

Many people prefer wearing contacts for these reasons, however, it’s important to take into account some of the cons of contacts, so you can fully prepare for everything contacts have to offer, the good and the bad. Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Difficulty applying contacts to eyes.

  • Can cause the dry-eye syndrome.

  • Lack of daily and proper care can cause an eye infection.

  • Sleeping with contacts can cause serious damage and further infection.


If going over the pros and cons of contacts has you turned off to contacts, then glasses may be the route for you. But like contacts, there are many advantages to glasses, as well as contacts. Advantages include:

  • Reduces the need to touch eyes, which reduces the chances of eye infection.

  • Won’t aggravate dry or sensitive eyes.

  • Generally more affordable than contacts, which you will need to consistently replace.

  • Offer protection from wind, dust, and debris.

Though eyeglasses may pose a lesser threat to your eyes while still correcting your sight, there are some disadvantages that come with that, such as:

  • Distorted peripheral vision.

  • Blurry vision and difficulty focusing when changing prescriptions.

  • Stronger prescriptions may need thicker, heavier lenses and glasses.

  • Can unnaturally magnify or minimize your eyes.

  • Weather or elements can cause fog or steam on glasses.

  • Can cause discomfort on nose and ears.

Whichever route you decide to take, let Carson Optical take care of you. Since 1972, we’ve been providing the Tampa area with high quality, professional vision services and products. Our skilled and experienced optometrists are committed to giving you individual and personal attention, so that you get the vision correction you need, when you need it, at an affordable price. Visit our website to make an appointment, or give us a call at (813) 681-3863.