Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that can cause vision loss and blindness by damaging a nerve in the back of your eye called the optic nerve. There are many different types of glaucoma, but the most common type in the United States is called open-angle glaucoma. The symptoms can start so slowly that you may not notice them. The only way to find out if you have glaucoma is to get a comprehensive dilated eye exam. While there’s no cure for glaucoma, early treatment can often stop the damage and protect your vision.

If you have glaucoma, it’s important to start treatment right away. While it won’t undo any damage to your vision, treatment can stop it from getting worse. Here are the different types of methods doctors use to treat glaucoma:


Prescription eye drops are the most common treatment. They lower the pressure in your eye and prevent damage to your optic nerve. Some of the drops need only be used once daily while some require twice or three times a day dosing. If your doctor prescribes medication, be sure to take it every day or per the pharmacist’s instructions.

Laser treatment

To lower pressure in your eye, doctors can use lasers to help the fluid drain out of your eye. The laser has been shown to be as effective a first treatment as eye drops. This is a simple, mostly painless, quick procedure that can control eye pressure for a period of up to 5 years in some patients.


If medications and laser treatment don’t work, your doctor may suggest surgery to help the fluid drain out of your eye. Many surgeries are available and newer ones are being constantly developed and evaluated. Most of these are reserved for patients with more advanced glaucoma, but some newer surgeries are safe enough for use earlier in the disease.

Talk over your options with your doctor. While glaucoma is a serious disease, treatment works well. At Carson Optical, we offer a wide array of services including glaucoma testing. Because Carson Optical is family owned and operated, we keep the highest standards in one-on-one relationships with our customers year after year. We look forward to building a relationship with you! Contact us today to schedule your eye exam.