As we get a little over halfway through 2020, all of the eyeglasses trends are beginning to take their full form. A pair of glasses is more than just a way to help your vision, but a way to improve your confidence. With the right frames, you can improve your self-confidence and create that look you’ve always dreamed of. Read below to learn about the latest 2020 Trends in eye-wear.

2020 Eyeglass Trends You Need To Know

  • Retro & Rimless: Rimless eyeglasses are timeless! They create a stylish look with a professional touch. Up to date versions of rimless glasses are sweeping the nation, so don’t be worried about looking out-dated. Look like an intellectual with a retro twist!

  • Ageless Aviators: Whether it’s a pair of sunglasses or regular eyeglasses, aviators are a classic style that is now trending in 2020, especially, with regular eyeglasses! Their entire look is one of the most recognizable lens types. Aviators are a stylish way to look sporty with an edge.

  • Catty Cat Eye: Cat Eye frames have been in style for a while, but they are definitely at the top in 2020. A lot of retro frames have been coming back! Sunglasses or regular eye-wear, cat eyes can give you a bold, yet fierce, look. 2020 is all about being bold and being you. Find a pair that brings out your boldness.

  • Wire-Framed: Wire-framed glasses are very minimalist, but they create a sophisticated look. Whether it’s a circular shape to bring out your inner Harry Potter or a more rectangular look, wired-frames have all the shapes.

  • Candy Colored Lenses: Bright, bold, vivid colors on large lenses are all the hype. Tinted lenses aren’t anything new, but there are a lot of new and different colors to choose from. Add a pop of color to your outfit with candy-colored lenses. Be the statement maker you’ve always wanted to be! Colors like hot pink, light blue, and other pastels can add that feminine touch.

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